SLVPBall Vibrators
Ball vibrators are designed for your industrial air-powered applications. All units are ruggedly built for continuous duty, and can be mounted in any direction. Frequency (rpm.) is adjustable, and can be controlled or changed by adjusting the air input pressure. The best operating frequency and run cycle can vary between materials or parts, and may require experimentation.
Air vibrators produce a high frequency rotary wave that travels around or along structures, increasing effectiveness. Common uses include; bowl feeding, unloading storage containers, compacting sand in foundry molds, small casting tables, parts feeding, separating, and many more.
Operation is simple, a high grade ball is driven at high speeds around the internal races by a jet stream of air. Exhaust air is side ported to our built-in, non-clogging, turbo muffler. The muffler reduces noise levels, and increases operating efficiency. SLVP air vibrator housings and parts are CNC precision machined, assembled, and tested. An air line filter and regulator should be used to clean and control the input air to your vibrators. Lubrication is not required, but can increase the life of your units.
Ball Vibrator Features
Output ranging from 2 to 700 lbs. of force
Nickel Plated
Piped Exhaust
High-Temperature Seals
Regulator & Gauge Lubricators
Digital Cycle Timers
Hand Valves
Solenoid Valves
Mounting Brackets
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