SLVPElectric Vibrators
Our electric vibrators are designed to meet your industrial requirements into the next century and beyond. They are the most consistent, controllable, and reliable vibration source available. All are designed for continuous duty and are totally enclosed (dust-proof), following NEMA and ASTM standards.
Vibrators induce motion by reducing the coefficient of friction between material particles. The rotary vibrator wave travels around a structure, increasing effectiveness. Common uses include; casting, compacting, fatigue testing, feeding, fluidizing, separating, unclogging, unloading, and many more. Electric vibrators are used on most of our custom built equipment, feeders, screens, and vibration tables.
SLVP vibrators are manufactured by skilled American craftsmen using time proven assembly methods, components, specifications, and CNC precision machined parts. Our electric vibrators are assembled using our special no-side-load technique for proper bearing alignment and longevity. All units are 100% tested to guarantee our customers receive quality vibrators for years of maintenance-free service.
Electric Vibrator Diagram
Output ranging from 40 to 3800 lbs. of force
High-Temperature Bearings
X.H.D. Epoxy Encapsulated Windings
Exterior Epoxy Coating
Solid State Motor Starters
Repeat Cycle Digital Timers
Variable Speed Controls
Mounting Adapters and Bases
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