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Solenoid Electric Valves Operation
Solenoid electric valves are designed to be operated by indirect interaction, by the sending of an electric signal. There are several standard voltages both AC and DC, and several different solenoid NEMA ratings. The solenoid electric valve shifts the internal spool by use of pressure obtained from the pressure port of the valve. If this pressure is to exceed 160 psi, the valve must be externally piloted by an auxiliary pressure less than 160 psi. Some applications can use a specially designed solenoid that is capable of 300 psi.
Solenoid Electric Valves Applications
One sample application is to use a single solenoid model valve with a spring return. You can attach an air cylinder to a slide and place a electric switch at the end of each stroke. A signal is sent to the coil and maintained and starts the slide moving. When the slide reaches and activates the switch, a signal is sent to a control box which deactivates the coil and the valve will shift and return the slide to the original position. When the return switch is activated, a signal is sent to the control box to reset the cycle. Muffler/flow controls can be used in the exhaust of the solenoid electric valve to adjust your cylinder stroke rate.
Available Solenoid Electric Valve Coil Styles
1/2" Conduit with 18" leads
ISO 4400 Din
1/2" Conduit with 18" leads
NEMA 4 and 4X
Explosion Proof
1/2" Conduit with 18" leads
NEMA 7 and 7X
All solenoid electric valve coils are stocked in 120/60 VAC, 240/60 VAC, 12 DC, and 24 DC. Both standard 1/2" conduit and explosion proof coils are also stocked in 24/60 VAC and 6 DC. Other voltages are available, contact the factory on your specific voltage required.

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