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Manual Air Valves Operation
Manual air valves are designed to be operated by direct interaction, by the pushing of a knob, pulling of a handle or stepping on a pedal. Some manual air valves are greatly affected by the system operating pressure. As the pressure increases, the force required to shift the manual air valve increases. The design of our manual air valves allow some degree of feathering control on your cylinders. These manual air valves reduce the amount of air-shock to your system.
Manual Air Valves Applications
One application is to use a foot pedal on a manual air valve with a spring return to operate a machining operation. You can design the system to perform the operation when the operator steps on the foot pedal. Special care must be taken to assure that the operator can not in anyway harm themselves if they accidentally depress the manual air valve pedal or release the pedal with or without a part in the machining operation.

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