Vibrating Tables and Vibration TablesOur vibrating tables are designed to your specifications for your demanding industrial requirements. Vibration tables are used for concrete casting, fatigue testing, and compaction. Table tops are heavy duty welded assemblies, and made from steel plates, I-Beams or tubes. The top assembly can be powered by two counter rotating vibrators for linear motion. The rugged base assembly supports and isolates the top assembly with springs or air isolators.

See our Vibrating Tables Specifications and Quote Request Form. This form will help you understand the information we need and assist you with the different options available on a vibrating table.
Electric Vibrating Tables are available with variable speed and timing controls allow you to dial into the best operating frequency with digital accuracy. Digital sequence timers allow operation at multiple frequencies and durations. All to provide you with the most versatile and accurate vibration system available. Call us with your load and size requirements, we will be happy to assist you with your vibration application.
Compaction Vibrating Table
Low Profile
Compaction Vibrating Table
Loads up to 20,000 LBS.
Portable Casting Vibrating Table
Portable Casting Table
Digital Speed Control
Spring Isolated
Casting Vibration Table
Casting Vibration Table
Digital Speed Control
Digital 3-Stage Auto-Cycle
Air Spring Isolated
Conveyor Vibration Table
Roller Conveyor
Compaction Table
Foot Pedal Activated
Air Spring Isolated
Air powered vibrating tables are easily controlled with the supplied filter, regulator and lubricator assembly. Varying the vibrator input pressure with the regulator will allow you to determine and operate at the best operating frequency. Our digital timing and sequence system can be used to automate the control of your vibration cycle.
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